The wonders that Indians pull off – Unbelievable! In a recent multi-sporting event of its kind, called the World Masters Games held in Auckland, New Zealand, an Indian centenarian woman snatched the gold medal at the 100m sprinting category.

World Masters Games

World Masters is an international multi-sporting event that is held every four years ever since its debut in the year 1985 in Toronto, Canada. The games are immensely popular amongst the people who have recently retired from professional/amateur sports or have been past Olympians.

2009 World Masters Games, Sydney

Interestingly, World Masters 2000 that took place in Sydney attracted more than 28,676 competitors which were almost double the number of competitors that attended the Olympics in Sydney, that year. Even for New Zealand, the footfall of competitors has been assumed to be crossing more than 24,000.

Since 2010, World Masters has also started a winter edition of the games as well.

Man Kaur, The 101-Year-Old Legend

But the star of the games is none other than our 101-year-old living legend – Man Kaur. Man, a resident of the city of the Chandigarh was the only participant in the 100 years and above category of the 100m sprint.

Man Kaur’s medal tally has reached 17 after her exquisite win at the 2017 World Masters Games

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She clocked one minute and 14 seconds at the games which is a mere 64.42 seconds off the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt’s 2009 world record. Talk about the spirit of this woman!

“I enjoyed it and am very, very happy. I’m going to run again, I’m not going to give up. I will participate, there’s no full stop”

– Man Kaur in an interview to New Zealand press.

Gurdev Singh, son of Man Kaur had participated in a few Masters Games before inviting his mother to join in. After a medical check-up, she was given a green signal and since then the duo has participated in a number of athletics meets around the world.


The Miracle From Chandigarh

Man started athletics only eight years ago at the age of 93. Ever since then she has won over 16 medals on the international level. Her win at the 2017 World Masters Games lands her international medal tally at 17!

 Man Kaur truly personifies the ‘sport for all’ philosophy which World Masters Games is all about and we are thrilled to have her here. I have no doubt that she and many of the other 24,905 athletes competing in these games are inspiring others to lead more active lifestyles and take up a sport.

-Jennah Wootten, Chief Executive, World Masters Games 2017

The New Zealand press has dubbed Man as the ‘Miracle from Chandigarh’. And why wouldn’t they? The woman is a complete star! And we congratulate Man for her undying spirits and her family for supporting her to fulfill her dreams and potential at the exquisite age of 101.

Image Credits: Google Images

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