10 Things To Do After Exams!


Huff! Finally, the exams end. These exams suck our blood like those dreaded vampires; nevertheless, their end marks the beginning of another interesting chapter. #SleepAllDay #PartyAllNight

After being released from the vicious circle of exams, what can you do to make yourself feel like a normal human instead of a giant book filled with too many facts crammed in too little space?

Here’s a list of the 10 things you definitely want to do after exams.

 1. PARTYyyyy:  

After battling the exams with fervour, the first thing on everyone’s mind is to party. We totally deserve it after so much of work.

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2. SLEEP: 

Pulling those all- nighters with innumerable cups of coffee and trying hard ‘not’ to doze off has finally ended. Sleep is what you wanted,sleep is what you get.

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Accept it or not, the exams bored the shit out of us and no matter how mature or immature you are, a bucket list is a BIG yes after exams. So just go out there and live your life peeps!

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Didn’t get to watch DDLJ all over again in its 1000th week? No worries, now is the time. Watch all the movies and TV shows you couldn’t.

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  5.  EAT. EAT. EAT : 

You can indulge in food like never before. Visit your favourite restaurants or go street hopping, mouth- watering delicacies await you.

Disclaimer: excludes diet conscious people. *bwahahahahaha*

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Most of us wouldn’t have compromised on our social presence but for those who did, you’re a free bird now. Activate that Snapchat and Insta account and get crackling!

Pictures, pictures everywhere, exams are over! Let the virtual world not limit you, meet people in person and let them know you care.

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Postponing your shopping plans since forever? Not anymore because now you can ‘shop till you drop’.

P.S.: Did you check out the winter collection, girlies? Get those boots, scarves and pullovers and rule the world with your oomph.

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Catch up on your siblings or cousins, hang out with your mum and dad, have a chai with your grandparents, meet people and chat; all this definitely has its own charm which never fades away with time. Nothing in life can beat these little pleasures.

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It is said that the most precious times are the ones you spend alone. Get to know yourself better,understand your dreams and passions, take up that something you always wanted to do, do whatever makes you happy because #YOLO.

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Get your own bunch of people and go on a vacation. A road trip, an adventure extravaganza, an indulging and relaxing trip or any of your travel ideas, let the fun begin!

giphy (11)

Don’t keep calm because exams are over. Pamper yourself after you emerge as a warrior. Feel proud that you sailed through.

Stay bindaas! Rock on!

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