10 Simple Styling Tips For Men

Men grooming products for summer season

Nothing can be better than a classy man.

So, here are a few tips which will make you look more classy indeed!

Make sure your clothes fit — it’s a bad move to have clothes either too big or too tight.

Clean your shoes — baby wipes, whatever you can find… and polish if they require it / you have time.



Risk being slightly overdressed rather than under-dressed.


Don’t be a grub. Try washing up liquid on greasy food stains on clothes.

Use shampoo instead of wool wash on sweaters – and chuck them in the washing machine on the wool cycle.

If you get yellow underarm stains on your shirts, stop using aluminium antiperspirant.


You use 20% of your wardrobe and 80% of your time — cut your clothes back.


Suit yourself — go for a good classic fit and something made of decent fabric, preferably wool. Get it as close to fitting as possible – you should be able to move your arms freely and there should be a bit of room in the chest but not enough for the fabric to form an ‘X’ when buttoned. When your arms are by your side, the sleeves shouldn’t go past your knuckles. Spend some money having it altered to fit you perfectly, which will give the illusion that it was made for you without spending thousands.


Pack away at least half of what you use the least (i.e. boardies in winter, etc…) and store stuff in tubs under your bed.


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