10 Lies Told By Parents In Our Childhood: ED’s Poster Series

Parents love their children. They take care of them. They read stories to them. Also, they lie to them.

They know how to get their children to behave. The only thing they need is to cook up a story of a giant spider in the hallway or a more frightening one- the old witch story.

Let’s see what are some of the lies that were told in our childhood.

  • “Don’t you dare bother your sister. I have a special camera and everything which you do is being watched, so beware.”


  • “Swallowed a seed? Now they’ll grow into a giant tree, right in your tummy.”


  • “Bury your tooth in the soil and a mouse would come to take it.”


  • “A Sunshower is when a lion is getting married.”


  • “Tell me the truth or I’ll find it on my own. I have a magical wooden block which drowns in water when a liar’s name is written on it.”


  • “I’m sorry, but the TV cable isn’t working. So, no cartoon.”


  • “Unknowingly breaking a glass would bring you good luck.”


  • “Hiccups happens when someone starts thinking about you.”


  • “Wish your fantasies on your eyelashes, it will come true.”


  • “If you don’t want to study, just tell me. I’ll put you into a government school.”



Tell us which lie was your favourite in the comments section or post your own below.

Graphic Credits: ED’s very own loved doodler Aratrika Mandal

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