Annoying things one feels while waiting at the railway station!!

  • Garmi And Dhoop: waiting for your train while standing at the railway station is already annoying and this multiplies if the sun is shining right over your head. High temperature makes you sweat alot more than you normally do, plus your hand luggage or your bag pack weights about 3 kg’s more than it actually does. This is what standing in the garmi and waiting for your train does to you.
  • Playing Human Dodge Ball: while walking on the platform you feel like you’re playing human dodge ball, passing about 50 passengers on your way. Touching sweaty people, crossing wailing kids or pan spitting uncles besides many others becomes a really irritating process.
  • Coolies: as soon as you reach the railway station your journey till the platform is interrupted by what seems like a million coolies. They hamper your walk until you actually sit in your respective coach. These red kurta wearers will pester you to hire them, hire them not at nominal rates but at high exuberant prices. They may also loot in case you fail to take their identity numbers before hiring them. Has happened with me so well I am sharing my gyan with you guys.
    coolies 3
  • Super Annoying Ways Of Announcement: the mechanical way in which the broad caster speaks over the announcement system is super annoying. The way it goes on seems as if the voice of the woman making the announcements is actually echoing in your head. At one point of time you would wonder how blessed a deaf person would feel standing at the railway station, free from all these “noises”.
  • Being Paranoid About Your Luggage: in case you reach the platform early, you will always be paranoid about your luggage. The constant fear of the luggage being misplaced lurks in every body’s mind except well of course the numerous pick-pocketers or thieves.
  • Looking For Jal Pan: jal pan’s can be called the cafes or eating and drinking places at the railway station, just like their name suggests. These are constructed very strategically, apparently in a way that these are easily accessible to anyone, but this doesn’t happen. People like me are unaware that there are more than one jal pans. I actually travelled to the other side of the platform to buy a bottle of fanta not realising that there’s a jal pan right next to me on the adjacent side. Well this is more of my own fault.
  • Exhaust Fumes On The Face: as soon as your train arrives it leaves smoke fumes directly on your face (especially if you’re close to the track). All of you who got to the parlour to get a steam facial done can get it done standing her free of cost. This is extremely annoying and people who have experienced this will agree with me.
  • Feeling Like You’re Standing In A Toilet: if you make the mistake of standing really close to the tracks, you actually feel like you’re in a toilet as you can smell pee as well as poop. Let me tell you it’s obviously not the best feeling in the world.
  • Bird Shit And Pan Spits: these are just everywhere, everywhere, it seems like nobody actually follows the rule that says spitting is prohibited and they would be penalized. These bird shit further succeed in marring the beauty of the railway station.
  • Creepy People Staring: what annoys the hell out of any passenger are the people who creepily look inside the train and stare trying to find their family members, but to people inside, it feels like someone is on the look to kill them.


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