Let me bring to you a list of absolutely normal banned things across the world in seemingly ‘modern’ countries. We are all very quick when it comes to criticizing an Islamic nation about their ridiculous laws. But hey, you’re in for a reality check.

  1. Yellow clothing in Malaysia

Banned things

Seems like this country took the simple adage of “Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow!” too seriously. In case you plan on a sunflower themed costume party, or even a summer themed one for that matter, Malaysia is NOT your place.

2. Winnie the Pooh in Poland

Well, not all of Poland. But, in the small town of Tuszyn in Central Poland, this adorable bear is banned from children’s parks. Reason: he’s half naked and of dubious sexuality. Poor Pooh.

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3. Dying in Spain

Hold your horses. In the little Andalusian town of Lanjarón, Spain, there was a certain time period during which it was illegal to die. The town’s 4,000 inhabitants were to stay alive until the government was able to buy land and build a new cemetery. Now, do you understand the vices of population explosion, eh?

4. Frowning in Milan

Banned things

The Joker probably picked up his trademark, “Why so serious?” line from the streets of Milan. No matter how angry or sad you might be, you cannot frown in Milan unless you’re in a hospital or a funeral.

5. Partying in Goa

Banned things

Ah, back to home. This ban is probably the most ironical of all as it has been imposed in the party capital in India. Very recently imposed, this ban prohibits open parties after 10 pm across Goa, in India.

6. Wearing flip flops in Italian beaches

Banned things

Capri, an island located in Italy, is a popular tourist destination. However, if you decide to visit avoid wearing flip flops because flip flops and sandals that make loud noises are banned.

7. McDonald’s in Bolivia

Burgers at McD’s are a hot favorite with most of us. But if you’re in Bolivia, you might as well forget it. It is not really a law, but a decision of the people. Bolivian cuisine is all about time, love, and care, and the people actually live by these ancestral laws. Fast-food is against their beliefs.

8. Jasmine in China

Banned things

The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia inspired certain Chinese protesters. The solution? The Chinese government repressed the protests, and also banned the flower. That’s right, Jasmine is illegal in China, so are all songs that mention it, as well as using the word “jasmine” in text messages.

9. Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia

Given the country and it’s ridiculous laws, no surprises with this one. The Saudi Arabian government feels that the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day is completely against Islamic beliefs. So they put a ban on all things related to it, as well as on all things red.

10. Porn featuring small breasts in Australia

Apparently, this was a move aimed at eliminating child porn. According to the Australian Classification Board (ABC), women with A cup breasts are not really women. If you like watching porn featuring women with small breasts, you secretly love child porn. Wait, do we get a hint of body shaming here?

So, the next time you call a Middle East country imposing and every place else, liberal, keep these ridiculous bans in mind.

Do let us know your thoughts about this list and feel free to mention what else should be added in the comments section below.

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